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Due to the large volume of broadcasts we offer please find our archives on one of the following Youtube channels:

Current Live Broadcasts:

Noon - 2 Eastern

"The Garden of Emuna"

By Rabbi Shalom Arush, translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody
With Rabbi Shlomo Nachman and Rebbetzin Ahuva
Purchase the book at breslev.co.il

8 - 10 PM Eastern

All Heart"

Hosted by Veronica Port and friends
This is a live only, non-broadcasted, crafting group on Google Hangouts
With this group we encourage creative real world tikun olam
To join send your Google Hangout e-mail address to noahides17@gmail.com. Everyone is welcome to participate

Current Live Broadcasts:

Noon - 2 Eastern

"What Now?"

With Rabbi Shlomo Nachman and Donald Willinger
Open Questions and Answers, Discussions and Guest Interviews

Current Live Broadcasts:
Noon - 2 Eastern

Learn Emunah With Rabbi Shlomo Nachman:

Current Study: Derech HaShem: The Way of G-d
By Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto
Translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.
Purchase the Book (Torah Clasic Library)

With Rabbi Shlomo Nachman and Donald Willinger

8 - 10:00 PM Eastern

Open Noahide Discussions

Current Study: "This Is My God" by Hermon Wouk
with Rabbi Shlomo, Donald, and Facebook friends

Streaming Shabbat Services:

8:00 PM Eastern for Kabalat and Ma'ariv Services

10:00 AM Eastern for Shacharit and Musaf Services

Are Online Shabbat Services Permitted Under Halacha?

The way we do them, yes. We follow the same accepted guidelines as Shabbat stoves (or blech), Shabbat elevators, lighting, heat, etc. Our equipment is set up with timers before Shabbat and are not turned off until after havdalah.

Jews wishing to join us are encouraged to have their computers on with the correct page selected. When the times comes the broadcast will automatically begin. Leave your comupters on until Havdala and there are not halachic concerns. We discourging using your comupter for anything during Shabbat.

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Completed Broadcasts

Due to the large volume of broadcasts we offer please visit our Youtube archives:

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