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Karaite Judaism
(AKA Karaism, Qaraite Judaism, or Qaraism)

As I note elsewhere, Judaism is very diverse. When one says "Judaism" one may think of the Orthodox, the Hasids, Reform, Conservative, Jewish Renewal, Reconstructionist, or some other form. All of these are part of Rabbinic Judaism, the dominant form of our religion. They are all "Rabbinic" movements or denominations. In other words, each maintains some basis in the teaching of the historic rabbis, as the Pharisees came to be known.

Karaite Judaism is not Rabbinic; it did not originate with the Rabbinic interpretations and reforms of the religion of Klal Israel. Unlike Rabbinic Jews, Karaism considers the Tanach, the Hebrew Bible, to be the only authoritative source of Jewish doctrine. While some Karaites will consider the rabbinic interpretations found in the Talmud, they do so as they would any historic commentary. For Karaites neither the Mishna nor the Talmud is divinely inspired. They reject the view that the Mishna was revealed to Moshe Rabbeinu at Mount Sinai.

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A Natural Born Jew: Patrilineal and Matrilineal Decent (includes text and video versions)
Origins of Qaraism (includes text and video versions)
Karaite Jews and Jesus

The Holocaust: Learn the Truth About What Really Happened!

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