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What Does B"H Mean?

By Shlomo Phillips © 12.05.2010 (last updated 12.09.2016)


When writing correspondences it is traditional to add the abbreviation B"H. Here's why.

This common Jewish tradition developed as a way to remind the author and the reader alike of what truly matters. The subject of the writing is one thing, but what really matters is blessings HaShem, B"H. In written letters and works it is common to add B"H at the beginning. In e-mails a tradition seems to be growing of using it as a farewell. Both are appropriate. This is not a biblical command. It is a godly Jewish tradition. The B"H is usually added as follows:


While all three meanings are correct for this use, Baruch HaShem is more correctly used as when responding to questions such as "How are you?" The response being, "With the help of HaShem, I am fine." When something good has happened we say Baruch HaShem ("Thanks be to HaShem"). When something bad happens we say Baruch HaShem as a way acknowledging that HaShem is Sovereign in all things and we accept His determinations. By faith we understand that HaShem is always working for our ultimate good even when this is difficult to see at the time.

"Everything in the entire universe is under God's control. This includes everything that happens to you personally, both spiritually and materially, including what you yourself do, whether deliberately or unwittingly, wilfully or under compulsion: everything is from God. Even when appearances suggest otherwise, the believer pays attention not to the external appearance of this world but to the underlying truth" -- From Rebbe Nachman's SEVEN PILLARS OF FAITH, By Rabbi Yitzchak Breiter.

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