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Rabbi Shlomo Nachman ben Ya'akov
On Zionism
What is Zionism? What does it mean to be a Zionist? Why support Israel? Why do some Jews oppose Israel? What makes a person a Zionist? Can non-Jews be Zionists? These are among the topics discussed here.

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Section Directory

THIS is Judaism Parsha Devarim From a JDL Point of View. (includes text and video versions)
The Ethiopian Jews (includes video only)
Blame Israel? No Way! (includes text and video versions)
Don't Blame HaShem!: The Roll of Free Will; (includes text and video versions)
Jewish Uniqueness Are Jews Uniquely Chosen? (includes text and video versions)
The Five Principles of Jewish Defense: As Defined By The Jewish Defense League (includes text and video versions)
Anti-Zionist Jews: How can any Jew oppose Israel? (includes text and video versions)
Dear World: An open letter by Rabbi Meir Kahane, (November, 1988) (includes text and video versions)
Shema Israel: What the Shema is and how to incorporate its truth into your life (includes text and video versions)
A Time line of Eretz Israel (text version only)
Antisemitism In The USA And Around the Globe by The Numbers.
HaTikvah: Israel's National Anthem (includes text and music video)
Jewish Symbols (text version only)
Shema Israel (includes video)
The Hope of the World (includes text and video versions)
Zion and Zionism (includes text and video versions)
Judenhass: Foundation of Antisemitism (includes text and video versions)
Jews on the Moon! -- AKA May We Have The Moon Please? (includes text and video versions)
Why is a Jew? A three hour video by Rabbi Meir Kahane (ZK"L)
US Jews By the Numbers The 2014 Pew Research Report (includes text and video versions)

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