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Choose Life
So that you and your children might live

By Shlomo Nachman © November 16, 2021

The Bible begins: "In the beginning of God's creating..."

It is upon this conviction, this foundational principle, that Western civilization developed. The belief that God, the Compassionate One, created humanity in His Own Image and Likeness, with the ability to reason, sympathize, and empathize, resides at the core of the Western experience. As beings in the God's image, we instinctively know what is right and wrong. We just need to acknowledge this.

If we're honest, we'll admit that humans have sometimes done what is right in our history. We have healed, created, loved, and bettered ourselves. We have blessed our world and its inhabitants in many amazing ways. Yet, at other times, we have done the opposite. When we do what is wrong, we usually seek to justify ourselves. This attempt is, of itself, sure evidence that we know we are walking the wrong path. Denial is pointless, but still, we often deny our wrongs with justifications and platitudes. We all know the difference between right and wrong, and yet still, none of us are perfect. We all leave the Good Path sometimes. Do we not?

And yet today, many influential people seek to justify great and grievous wrongs, while others, including many of you gathered here, work tirelessly to counter these wrongs and to save innocent lives. May God bless you all! This conflict between life and death has brought us together here as Jews and Christians, and doubtless, others, for a time of extended prayer and mutual support. We come together as God's children, raising our voices to our Creator, appealing to those in authority, and imploring those who are uncertain about choosing life to remember our shared humanity and to choose life.

In the words of our shared Tradition, we urge all people everywhere to "Choose Life, so that we and our children might live!" We are here to pray that our nation will once again listen to the Voice of the One Who gave each of us life, knowing that, in the words of John Adams, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other."

Philosophical works and debates pose what appear to be tough questions while providing only feeble answers. Anyone can challenge the proposed answers; they merely generate more questions and more doubts. They are all selfishness and amount to nothing more than striving after the wind. It is best to avoid such debates altogether. We all know that human life is sacred. We all know right from wrong. We all know the Golden rule of not doing to others what we do not want done to us. We want to live! So do they.

But we must understand that a nation that turns its back on God and on Reality is a nation that will become nothing but dust in the history books. The only real question is how much death and destruction su+ch a fallen country will leave in its wake. Again, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other." Is the current United States such a country?

Countries come and go, but those who know and love the Creator endure forever. We mourn the loss of the country of our youth, but we await with confidence the Land of our future, confident that God has not and will not abandon those who look to Him.

Whoever you are I encourage you to ask God to 'break your heart' and to empower you to see abortion and the other negative choices through His eyes. Only when we realize and acknowledge the wrongs we do can we sincerely seek forgiveness and restoration for them. Only then will we be restore to goodness and to joy. May the Beloved show each of us His Good and His desire for us so that we awaken from this nightmate and choose life. Know that it is not yet too late for you, whoever you may be, and whatever wrongs you may have done. Return to the One God while you still can. Many people are waiting to help you and to love you, including those of us at Beit Emunah (Llc) and the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation.

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