Who is a Jew?

Why Be Jewish?
With Rabbi Meir Kahane (ZK"L)

By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman © 12.29.2010 (last updated 11.13, 2014)

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Rabbi Meir David Kahane was a Jewish religious & Israeli nationalist activist who founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL). He is one of my personal heroes. In these videos he answers a critical question, not "who is a Jew?"

Rabbi Meir Kahane Why be Jewish
Complete and Unedited
(with Hebrew subtitles)

Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D- Why Be Jewish? (Running time is 4 hours)

Go to: Part 1 -- Who Is A Jew?
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Go to: Part 3 -- Becoming Jewish
Go to: Part 4 -- Our Movements
Go to: Part 6 -- By the Numbers

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