About Conversion to Judaism
Important Points to COnsider First

By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman © January 21, 2018

There are many people offering "conversion to Judaism" online for money. Most of them charge a lot of money. We Sephardi do not believe halacha allows charging for religious instruction, however it has become common with some rabbis. Do your research before beginning any conversion program!

There are two main things to consider when seeking conversion:

1. Accuracy of teaching.

2. Acceptance:

If the beit din (rabbinic court) overseeing the conversion is not filed with and accepted by an authorized rabbinical assembly (such as the RCA: Rabbinic Counsel of America) or one of the two Israeli Chief Rabbinate offices (Sephardi nor Ashkenazi) their conversions will not be accepted even if the beit din is Orthodox.

If the conversion is conducted through a non-Orthodox court (including Conservative, Reform, Jewish Renewal, Reconstructionist etc) it will not be recognized by Orthodox/Traditional (Sephardi nor Ashkenazi) rabbis and communities. And of course if one converts through the Karaites no rabbinic Jewish rabbis nor communities will accept it.

If it is done by one of the heretical online people claiming to be a rabbi it won't be accepted and may even close doors to possible legit conversion later on.

Standard Orthodox halacha is that one must live within a Sabbath walk of an Orthodox shul and have face to face lessons with the mentoring rabbi in order to convert. They must be able to regularly attend services in the Orthodox shul. Exceptions can be made to this later rule, but it rarely is.

Conversion to Judaism is very difficult today (perhaps too difficult, but this is the current reality and i don't see it changing any time soon). Consider however that conversion grants Israeli citizenship 9with additional red tape), and entrance into the eternal Covenant. it also potentially forfeits ones life in cases when jew hatred erupts. For the majority of of seekers conversion to Judaism is neither advised nor encouraged. By embracing the Seven Law Universal Covenant people can find everything their souls desires in the majority of cases..

My best advice would be to embrace the Noahide Path. If you are determined to convert, either move to a place with an Orthodox rabbi willing to help, or check with my Rebbe, Aryel Nachman ben Chaim, at the House of Seven Beggars for guidance on this.

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