The Learn Judaism Course

There are innumerable ways to learn Judaism. Some focus on Jewish history, Jewish ritual, Jewish politics, Jewish morality, Jewish music, Jewish philosophy and so on. There is no "right way." This course begins with the Thirteen Principles of Jewish emunah ("active faith") as defined by Rambam.

At you will find studies on various topics, but with this course we go point by point discussing Judaism in concise easy to follow bits. If you are interested in learning essential Jewish teachings this is a good resource. To be recognized as a talmid (student) of this course please notify me of your intention to study. To attend our group discussions please include your Good Hangout e-mail address. This course is designed to be studied in the order presented. There will be no certifications and no tests to turn in (except by individual arrangements). However you are more than welcome to send in your responses to the "Points to Consider."

Essential Beliefs:

Introduction: The Thirteen Principles of Judaism

Lesson One: The Importance of Emunah
Lesson Two: HaShem, the G-d of Israel
Lesson Three: HaShem is Unique
Lesson Four: Physical Attributes do not Apply to HaShem
Lesson Five: HaShem: G-d Beyond Time
Lesson Six: Tehillim: Communing with HaShem
Lesson Seven: The Words of the Prophets
Lesson Eight: Moshe Rabbeinu, Our Greatest Prophet and Teacher
Lesson Nine: Perfection of Torah
Lesson Ten: Eternality of Torah
Lesson Eleven: All Things Are in the Hands of HaShem.
Lesson Twelve: The Importance of Mitzvot
Lesson Thirteen: The Certainty of the Coming of HaMashiach
Lesson Fourteen: Gilgul Neshamot and the Final Resurrection:

Lesson Fifteen Introduction to Kashut

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