Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach:
Must Noahidim Observe the Laws of Rabbinic Kashrut
By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman © May 28, 2018


Short answer: No. Kashrut applies only to Jews.

Longer answer: No, but understanding that these laws are based on what HaShem has declared “fit” or kosher for human consumption most Noahidim eventually come to voluntarily embrace many of these guidelines. This is good but not required.

Noahidim are forbidden by their Covenant to practice animal cruelty. This law is known as Ever Min HaChay. We discuss this law here: In order to determine what is cruelty when raising and slaughtering an animal Noahidim often look to the Rabbis and Jewish Kashrut for guidance. As they learn the ways of Jewish slaughter and food preparation they often decide to incorporate some or even all of these rules.

Noahidim who choose to embrace the principles of Kashrut should be clear in their own minds that they are embracing these rules because they are rational, healthy, ethical, compassionate, and spiritually proper. They should not embrace Kashrut out a sense of guilt or religious requirement. Other than Ever Min HaChay Noahidim are permitted to eat what they wish without concerns about Jewish restrictions. For most sincere Noahidim permission to do something does not mean they will. Most will begin by forgoing pork and shellfish and gradually incorporate those elements of Kashrut that “speak to them.”

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