The Seven Noahide Laws:
A Set of Ethical Values and Moral Principles
Not a Religion.
H.J.Res.104 — 102nd Congress

With Rabbi Shlomo Nachman © February 03, 2019

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While there really should not be room for debate on what the Noahide Laws intend to accomplish, due to Antisemitism there is. "Haters are going to hate" as they say.

What is a Noahide?

Simply stated a Noahide is a non-Jew who recognizes the Path (or Derech in Hebrew) set before him/her in the Torah and embraces it. Several different terms are used to describe these people, Noahidim (singular Noahide), B'nei Noach, Rainbow People, and so on. But regardless, this is what they are, observers of the Seven Universal Laws as presented in the Torah and elaborated by Rambam and other Jewish sages. So what's to debate?

But debate we do. Oy how we debate! Antisemites claim that we Jews are trying to enslave non-Jews with these harsh edicts and decrees. Are they harsh? Read them below and decide for yourself. They cite Talmudic discussions while ignoring the contexts and conclusions they draw. Frankly, they make most of it up whole-cloth. Their ridiculous accusations arise from a single place: Judenhass ("Jew-hatred").

The Church condemns the so-called "Christ killers" for trying to draw their members away into a sort of "Judaism Lite" slave class. It is they however who seek to convert us and the rest of the world to their belief system.

The Rabbis reply to both charges saying that we just want to be left alone and in peace.

We aren't trying to convert anyone to anything! But the Gentiles keep coming with their questions and we're obligated by Torah to assist them as we are able. Nothing more. If you doubt this, just ask those seeking rabbinic guidance as Noahides! They will tell you that it is difficult to find rabbinic assistance as a Noahide or a would-be convert. It shouldn't be, but it is. And besides, Noahides remain Gentiles. Noahides never become Jews until and unless they choose to go through the daunting process of formal conversion, which we discourage.

All of this leads to confusion, both for the Gentiles seeking Derech Noahide and for all other concerned parties. But it need not be this way. The Way of G-d is simple. As Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches:

No sophistication is needed in serving G-d - only simplicity, sincerity and faith. Simplicity is higher than all else. For G-d is certainly higher than everything else, and G-d is ultimately simple! -- Sichot Haran #101
And again:
Don't follow excessive stringencies in your practice of the Torah. "God does not rule over His creatures with tyranny" ( Avodah Zarah 3a) - "The Torah was not given to ministering angels" ( Berachot 25b) -- Sichot Haran #235
H.J.Res.104 — 102nd Congress
Consistent with their Judenhaus ideologies, modern aAntisemites claim that the Jews are global menaces, now even in the Halls of the US Congress, again! We're even seeing the ZOG and Protocols of the Elders of Zion nonsense emerging again in some circles. With regards to Judenhaus, its the 1930's again! Apparently the world learned nothing from the Nazi era. Once again Jews are in the cross hairs and with us are all who stand with our people, including the Noahidim. As evidence of their Jew hatred, some of them are again pointing to this 1991 Happy Birthday resolution to Reb Schneerson and are predictably horribly misinterpreting it, again:
Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Who shall make no what concerning what? The government is forbidden from interfering in the religious exercise of the citizens! Not the other way around. The Seven Laws are not a religion. Constitutional law does not protect the government but the governed! Yet the government is constantly interfering on our First and Second Amendment rights and We the People remain silent. No wonder we are losing what remains.

In 1991 George W. Bush was president and Congress made a nice, bipartisan, gesture towards a great rabbi, and also re-stated a central pillar of "the American Experiment." Like most of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, this declaration has effectively been thrown into trash and has no real authority. To say that this resolution, back in last century, seeks to establish a mandatory Noahide religion, to kill those who refuse to comply, etc. is absolutely nuts and has no support nor basis in the text of the declaration nor in the Noahide Laws, nor frankly in reality! The resolution's language is plain and clear! The declaration merely wishes Reb Schneerson a happy 90th birthday and thanks him for his service among the Gentile population -- a vital service the nation appreciated at the time. The resolution acknowledges the FACT that the United States of America was established upon accepted biblical principles including the Noahide laws. Indeed as John Adams warned:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

The US was NOT established as an Atheist haven but rather as a moral and religious people with certain inalienable rights and protections from G-d. We have built in protections to prevent any single religious ideology from controlling the reigns of government ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"). In no way does this civil protection allow the government to run roughshod over our "G-d given rights." Foundational among these G-d given, G-d defined, rights are Six of the Seven Noahide Laws. US law excludes the inclusion of avodah zara (the prohibition against foreign worship) by establishing the freedom of our once moral and religious people to determine their own walk with G-d. The assumption was that as a moral and religious people with no nationally established nor mandatory religion we would act responsibly, as directed in the Seven Laws. Without a moral and religious basis he warned our government would be inadequate.

But again, "the Haters are going to Hate." HaShem does not rule over the earth as dictator. We are each endowed by the One Creator with both the right and responsible to determine our own Path and to establish human societies accordingly with just yet compassionate laws. We are no longer "a moral and religious people" however and as a result the intended Constitutional Republic we received from our nation's founders is now teetering on the brink of destruction.

HaSheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach
The Seven Laws of the Children of Noah

Avodah Zarah: Prohibition against idolatry. This includes all forms of idolatry including placing anything before ones service and devotion to HaShem.

Birchat HaShem: Commandment to bless the Name of HaShem. Inherent in this is the prohibition against blasphemy, cursing and dishonoring the Name of God in any way. For this reason we typically say/write HaShem ("The Name") rather than utter or write the Holy Name. The Sacred Name is most sacred.

Shefichat Damim: Prohibition on murder. "Murder" refers to the unjustified taking of a human life (killing animals is not murder biblically speaking). There is a righteous taking of life and an unrighteous taking of life.

Gezel: Prohibition on robbery and theft.

Gilui Arayot: Prohibition on immorality and forbidden sexual relations.

Ever Min HaChay: Prohibition on removing and eating a limb from a live animal. This is broadly interpreted and has its origins in practices long since abandoned, but essentially it forbids all cruelties and perversions done to animals. Treat all life with respect.

Dinim: Requirement to establish justice systems and courts of law to enforce the other 6 laws.

Do Not Believe The Lies!

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