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Rabbi Shlomo Nachman Invites
Your Questions

Do you have questions relating to the topics of this website? I'd love to hear them and if possible to add my thoughts for your consideration.

What are Demons?
The Georgia Guidestones and the Creature From Jekyll Island
Had Adam Not Eaten of the Tree...
When does Jewish halacha permit one to take a life An Overview
Maimonides: Islam Good, Christianity Bad, Muslims Bad, Christians Good (Borrowed from Yori Yanover)
Don't Accept Friend Requests from... Globalists.
The Ethiopian Jews: Are the "Beta Jews" (Falashas) Really Jews? (includes text and video version)
Should non-Jews wear kippot? (includes text and video version)
Women of the Wall A few thoughts (includes text and video version)
Why is Conversion to Judaism so Difficult? (includes text and video version)
Are there Contradictions in the Tanach? (includes text and video version)
To Eat or not to eat... That is the question here.
Concerning Satan
The Bible and the Vedas
Glossary of Terms
What Does it mean that HaShem is Echad? (includes text and video versions)
Two Messiahs? Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David (includes text and video versions)
What Was Job Lacking? What are we lacking? (includes text and video version)
Zechariah 12.html Is this a prophecy about Jesus? No.
Micah 5 Is this a prophecy about Jesus? No (includes text and audio version)
A Time Line of Eretz Israel (text only)
Torah 101 (includes text version)
Whose Prayers Does God Answer?
What Does B"H Mean?
On Uttering the Sacred Name of G-d
What did Abel offer God?
Judaism and Zionism
Where Was Mount Sinai?
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