Modeh Anee: I Thank You!

The exaltation of the awakening soul.


These are the first words we speak when we wake up in the morning. Its a great way to begin the day!

On waking, our first thought should be that we are in the presence of God.
Since we are forbidden to speak God's Name until we have washed our hands in the morning, this prayer is recited, which, without mentioning God's Name, acknowledges His presence and gives thanks for a new day and for the renewed gift of life.

This video contains the Modeh Anee prayer of thanksgiving along with photos of Israel taken by my wife and I in the Spring of 2013.

I hope you will enjoy it.
Israel the Beautiful

Published on September 22, 2013 by Shlomo Phillips.

Israel has it all!
From En Gedi to the Negev, from the Grotto on the border of Lebanon to Eilat in the south near Egypt and Jordan, there is no place like the Holy Land!
In this video Ahuva and I share a few photos from our seven week trip and give you a taste of this glorious place.
The song on this video is shared courtesy of The Brills: of Ra'anana, Israel.

Modeh Anee: I Thank You!

AND Israel the Beautiful

Modeh anee levanter
melech chai vekayam,
she-he-chezarta bee nishmatee b’chemla,
raba emunatecha

I thank You, living and eternal King,
for giving me back my soul in mercy.
Great is Your faithfulness.

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