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For Quick Information:
Der Alte Weg Chassidus

I am a talmid of Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim (Shlit"a), founder of the House of Seven Beggars and Rebbe of Der Alte Weg Chassidus. I am also the Associate Rabbi of the House of Seven beggars:

Der Alte Weg at
The House of Seven Beggars Website
The Keruv Media Network on YouTube

Torah Study:
Judaic Seminar
Breslov Resources
The Baal Shem Tov (zt’l) (i.e. Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezer -- Born: 1698, Podolia, Died: May 22, 1760, Medzhybizh, Ukraine) was the inspired founder of Hasidic Judaism (aka Chassidus: "the pious ones").

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (April 4, 1772 - October 16, 1810, burial place: Uman, Ukraine), was a great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov. Rebbe Nachman was the founder of Breslov Chassidus. He was among the greatest Jewish sages and reformers of all time. Through his wisdom the Baal Shem Tov's Chassidus was reinvigorated. Rebbe Nachman combined the esoteric secrets of Judaism (such as Kabbalah) with serious Torah and Talmudic scholarship, and direct intense love of the Eternal, blessed be He. His followers are known for their ecstatic dancing and religious ecstacy, piety, and knowledge. Rebbe Nachman attracted thousands of followers during his lifetime and far more since his passing. He taught:

The Misnagdim (opponents of the Chassidim) say that the main thing is to study Torah. The Chassidim say the main thing is prayer. But I say: Pray and study and pray -- Siach Sarfey Kodesh 1-87
His promise that "My fire will burn until the coming of HaMashiach" (i.e. the Messiah) is proving true as his popularity and influence continues to rise.

Like Judaism at large Breslov has spawned several sects and traditions. The author of this website, Shlomo Phillips, is a Breslov chassid of Der Alte Weg Chassidus due to the kindness of Rebbe Aryel Nachman, a direct descendant of the Rambam:

Go to: The House of Seven Beggars: This is our traditional, Sephardic, online Breslov shul and home of Der Alte Weg Chassidus (i.e. "The Old Way Chassidus").
Go to: Azamra's "The Essential Rebbe Nachman."
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman: Some Breslover Jews (not all) and others believe that in fulfillment of certain Hasidic prophecies, that in 1922 Rebbe Nachman miraculously sent a mysterious note (known as the Petek) to one of his spiritual descendents named Yisroel Dov Ber Odesser (known affectionately as Saba or "grandfather" by his talmidim). Through this Petek Saba revealed the Na Nach Nachma Nachman signature believed to be "the universal song of redemption" foretold for the End of Days that would usher in the Messiah.

Readers of are invited to learn more about Na Nach here:

Azamra Breslov Music

Non-profit books of Rebbe Nachman
For more information on the Petek and the Nanach Breslov sect visit the following links:
Other Chasidish Sites:
Breslov Campus
Rabbi Shalom Arush(
Nikolsburg Dynasty
Kaliv Dynasty

Sephardic Sites:
Other Orthodox Sites:
The Complete Talmud (PDF) from
The Orthodox Union Web Site (information on Kashrut and much more). and Jewish Literacy: Learn Hebrew, Jewish History and much more.
UTJ: Union For Traditional Judaism: "The Union For Traditional Judaism is a trans-denominational education and outreach organization dedicated to promoting the principles of traditional Judaism without sectarian bias.") Solid, useful information and interactive discussion.
Dati Leumi: National Religious:
Go to: Religious Zionists of America
Go to: World Mizrachi Movement
Non-Orthodox Sites
Go to: My Jewish Learning: a Reform Movement centered site with lots of information to share on various topics.
Go to: Conservative Jewish Union
Go to: Union of Reform Judaism
Go to: News and Views of Reform Jews
Go to: Reconstructionist Communities
Go to: ALEPH: The Alliance For Jewish Renewal
Go to: Tikkun (Jewish Renewal)
Go to: Rabbi Michael Lerner's Beyt Tikkun (Jewish Renewal)
Go to : kulanu: "All of Us"
Karaite Judaism: Bnei Mikra: "Followers of Scripture"
Today Rabbinic Judaism is the main body of the Jewish religion. It stems largely from the teachings of the Pharisees (P'rushim) who came to be known as the Rabbis.

Karaism is an equally ancient and resilient lineage of the Jewish people, emerging in part from the Sadducees (Tz'dukim) of the first centuries BCE and CE. It is currently much less numerous and influential than in the past. Previously as high as 40 percent of the Jewish population were Karaite Jews. Today it is estimated that there are around 30,000 Karaites worldwide.

Go to: Karaite Korner
Go to:
Conversion to Judaism
Go to: My Studies on Conversion to Judaism index page.
The House of Seven Beggars Contact Rebbe Aryel Nachman for more information.
The RCA (Rabbinic Counsel of America) Orthodox Conversion to Judaism page: The Institute for Halachic Conversion
"Becoming Orthodox Without Questioning Your Sanity" (Modern Orthodoxy)
Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn's website Judaism 101. Study this site completely before beginning the process to get a solid foundation.'s Conversion section
Online Study Resources:
Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi Commentary
Sacred Jewish Texts Online "A Living Library of Jewish Texts
How To...
Donning Tzitzit or a Tallit
Guide to Putting on Tefillin
Helpful Books:
Go to: To Be A Jew
Go to To Pray as a Jew
Go to: The Gutnick Chumash
Go to: The Works of Rebbe Nachman
Go to: Derech HaShem: The Way of God
The Garden of Emuna
My First Hebrew Primer
Siddur Eit Ratzon & Machzor Eit Ratzon
Stone Edition Tanach
Stone Edition Chumash (Torah Commentary)
Koren Jerusalem Tanach
Koren Sacks Siddur
Koren Talmud Bavli
Likutay Halachos - Gathering of Legal Teachings and other Breslov works
Likutey Moharan
The Jewish Book of Why?
Holocaust: Shoah Information:

The Holocaust: Learn the Truth About What Really Happened

The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous provides financial support to aged and needy non-Jews who rescued Jews during the Holocaust and preserves their legacy through a national education program. There are also videos and more.

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